Episode 6: Hard To Say Goodbye

This week on The FourFiftyOne we come to grips with a hard truth: Tomorrow is the inauguration of that guy, and it seems to really be happening. Still, the future is unwritten and giving up isn't an option. Our guest this week is the outspoken Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, who is boycotting inauguration and has some words of hope and inspiration for our listeners.

We mention Susan Hennessey's alarming piece on the other compromising info the Russians might have on Trump; the Fisa warrant that may or may not have been requested by the FBI; how Vladislav Surkov's plans for Russia may be mirrored in the U.S.; Rep. Maxine Waters delivers the best press conference you've ever seen in 21 delicious seconds; Rebecca Solnit gives a powerful interview with Bob Garfield, and reminds us of her inspirational read, Hope in the Dark; our spirits were lifted by Christopher Noxon's graphic essay that connects our current struggles with the civil rights movement; while we're at it, John Lewis' graphic novel March is a must-read; and we get ready for the weekend.