Episode 3: Naming Names

So 2016 is over, and your podcast hosts have hope for the new year; hope that there won't be mutually assured nuclear destruction in 2017, hope that there won't be Muslim internment camps, and hope that...our future selves won't look back at 2016 and think, "That year was pretty decent by comparison." This week Summer, Jesse and Jonathan discuss the real things that provide them that hope (Spoiler: Republican politicians, again), nuclear nightmares, what Bernie is up to, preserving your sanity when it's pushed to the limits, and delicious hot chocolate. We also have esteemed scholar Samir Chopra on the show to talk about what active resistance needs to look like (Spoiler 2: you'll need to leave your house). 

Links for this week: An Economist poll showed that more than half of Trump voters (and some Democrats) still believe in the conspiracy theories behind Pizzagate, as well as Hillary Clinton's obvious Satan worship. Award-winning composer Michael Friedman put together a fantastic songbook based on interviews with Trump supporters and others during the election cycle. The Washington Post plans to add 60 newsroom jobs. This is the strong piece written by this week's guest Samir Chopra on resisting a Muslim registry similar to or worse than the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS). The Action Group Network, founded by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, is an easy way to start/join small resistance groups in your community. Rise When We Fall aims to utilize effective Tea Party tactics of attending—and speaking out loudly at—Town Hall meetings. And once you have that calming cup of hot chocolate in front of you, here is Eric Schlosser's deep dive into the state of our nuclear arsenal, World War Three, By Mistake.