Episode 7: Love And Hope

Trump is now the President. It happened, and on the heels of the ever-so-empowering Women's March, your 451 hosts are figuring out how to deal. This may not be the most hopeful episode you've heard, but hey. Sometimes we all just need to navigate unpleasant truths together. Luckily this week we spoke to someone with a phenomenal message of hope, Brooklyn rabbi and equal rights activist Rachel Timoner. Let her sage words give you a boost.

ICYMI, here is the story (with great visuals) about Greenpeace hanging a Resist banner over the White House. If you want to nerd out on how authoritarian regimes acquire and maintain power, Summer suggests you read Ambiguities of Domination. Keith Ellison talked to Ezra Klein about the importance of getting out and knocking on every door (for building an anti-Trump coalition, and beyond). And Swing Left is a smart initiative to help build up progressive members of Congress (their staff members are now public).