Episode 4: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

This week on The FourFiftyOne, hosts Summer, Jesse and Jonathan kibitz about locking down your cybersecurity, saving Congressional ethics, the ACA, jerks on Twitter, and Jesse's houseboat dreams. They also pause to remember that Republicans are human beings who might hold the door open or let you merge into oncoming traffic. The guest this week is Emily Ellsworth, editor and former Republican Congressional aide whose post-election Twitter advice was read by upwards of 25 million citizens. As always, hope springs eternal.

The Crash Override Network is an easy, handy guide to locking down your cybersecurity, especially helpful if you're being swarmed by trolls (cough cough, Summer). Call the Halls is Emily Ellsworth's one-stop resource for contacting politicians the smart way. Here is a fun photo of Republicans laughing about millions of uninsured people. And here is the geeked-out sci-fi reference that gave this episode its name. In our postscript, Summer updates us on Congressman Eric Swalwell's Protect Our Democracy Act.