Episode 10: Praise for a Drunk 10-Year-Old

This week on The 451, your hosts aren't ashamed that they skipped out on the Congressional Address. That speech is still a good lead-in to talking about punditry, the old Malaysian Airlines 24/7 news cycle, Twitter conspiracies and uh, Russia. Their guest is the estimable Janai Nelson, associate director-counsel of the NAACP LDF, who has been down in Texas (with a broken leg!) fighting a court battle over some ugly voter ID laws.

Here is more info on G.W. Bush's "inner Rembrandt." For a comprehensive look at state-by-state voter restrictions, check out "Democracy Diminished", a thorough (and alarming) report from the LDF. This is the recent Supreme Court victory Ms. Nelson discussed, in the controversial case of Buck vs. Davis. And here are a few recent resistance profiles from Jesse in GOOD magazine: Joss Whedon, Maxine Waters and Sherrilyn Ifill of the LDF.